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Italy To Pay A Whopping ₹1.7 Lakhs Upon Choosing Rome As Your Wedding Venue

With its close proximity to breathtaking historical monuments and culinary options, Italy has always been a paradise for anyone planning to have their dream wedding. Italy always turns out to be the ultimate wedding destination for many because of its uniquely alluring blend of nature along with centuries-old culture and traditions. Just imagine having an incredible backdrop for your wedding pictures, be it a grand castle, a luxurious villa, a stately palazzo, or a charming farm.

But the Covid-19 pandemic showered the driest of spells on the travel and event industry in Italy and casted a huge dent to the plans of couples getting married here. But all is not bad and one region in Italy is on a headway to reclaim the top spot for weddings in 2022 by presenting you a one-of-a-kind offer.

The Lazio region of Italy is offering a refund of ₹1.7 lakhs (if you are planning on to hosting the wedding in Lazio) on wedding costs by claiming back the money with five wedding receipts that can include bridal shops, caterers, cake makers and wedding photographers.

The Lazio region also includes the capital city of Rome, which is famous for its iconic Coliseum, the Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps that are a great setting for those dapper wedding photographs.

This ₹83 crore scheme called “Nel Lazio con amore” which translates to- From Lazio with Love, was coined by Lazio president Nicola Zingaretti in order to support the travelling and hospitality sector that had suffered badly from the economic crisis.

In accordance to what this scheme says, if couples want to get the refund (both locals as well as foreigners), then their weddings must take place before 31st December, 2022. When it comes to the submission of receipts, couples can do it until the end of January 2023.

Since the pandemic began, only 9,000 weddings have taken place in the Lazio region compared to 15,000 couples getting married in 2019. Local authorities are in the hope that this scheme will invigorate couples to choose Lazio as their wedding destination, resulting in generating revenues so as to bring back the hardly hit travel, hospitality and event industry.

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