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Earn While Traveling​

Make the most of your free time while travelling by connecting, sharing, shopping and changing the narrative. It’s time to shake up the standard travel routine.

1. Add a Trip to get started

2. Make Offers to Shoppers Globally

3. Make Travel Buddies on-the-go

4. Join the Movement


Shop Globally in a few clicks​

Gone are the days when global shopping was tied to expensive couriers or tricky duties. Make the most of the global market by having the best goods delivered to your door with ease and in the comfort of your own home.

1. Borders are no more Boundaries

2. Pay Less and Shop More

3. Stay Assured with 100% Genuine Products

4. Get your Happiness delivered by a Traveler


Build your Travel Community

Travelers are everywhere, but now we’re everywhere for them! We’ve now arrived as your very own platform for simply sharing your travels and losing yourself in the world of travel bliss.

1. Share your Travel Stories

2. Engage and Chat with anyone

3. Post Travel Shots

4. Join the Movement


Match with Local Travel Buddies

Get started by sharing your fascinating travel stories and connecting with people who could be your ideal travel partner in crime. Journeys, as you might imagine, could not be any better without a buddy.

1. Find interesting Travelers locally

2. Match Unlimited and at No-cost

3. Chat and Plan the next Trip together

TRIVY is a Global Shopping and Luggage Pooling Marketplace that connects Shoppers and Shippers with Travelers allowing them to save or earn money while traveling. So, for example, a sneakerhead who wants to buy Nike Jordan can connect with a traveler who is coming from the U.S.A and ask him to buy it for him and get it delivered at his/her doorstep, and in return, the traveler gets rewarded with almost 50% fee of his one-way flight trip. Similarly, if somebody wants to ship something important or memorable domestically or globally, they can connect with the traveler and get things delivered like a flash.

Yes, it is completely safe as Trivy takes complete responsibility for your money and belongings while sharing with the traveler. On the other hand, it also makes sure that the traveler gets rewarded in the best way for his awesome job.

A shopper can save up to 50% of the shipping cost while getting a product delivered at their doorstep from a global store. A shipper can save up to 70% of the shipping cost as compared to delivering through other courier agencies. A Traveler can earn upto 90% of his one-way flight ticket while traveling with Trivy.

Hey, we do understand your excitement. We are currently creating our first-list users who will be given early access to use our beta version of the platform. You can join our first list and wait for our mail to invite you to access the first version of the app. Till then keep sharing and referring to others about Trivy in order to increase your points and bypass the queue to get early access.